Holy land:divorced

Holy land:divorced „Restricted zones, mobile checkpoints, killing zones, walls, barriers, blockades, outposts…Israel is a laboratory for experimentation and exploration of the political space that is created by an occupation. From the underground areas of the West Bank and Gaza to the Israeli militarized airspace control mechanisms are pointed out. All natural and built elements work here in accordance with the arms and ammunition with which the conflict is managed. Cut the various attempts to occupy the country, to share, eviscerate, back together again, and to bomb, leaving a devastated and uninhabitable country. The development of these ideas in Israel goes back a long time: from the building code measures to preserve the demographic balance between the Arab and Jewish population, the planning and construction of the settlements to urban warfare with targeted airborne assassinations. These are methods that the landscape and the built environment convert in tools of domination and control.“ (Hollow Land, Eyal Weizman)
The aims of the project Holy Land: Divorced are to show up local circumstances, to draw attention to these and to embed them in an artistic context.
Projects included are:
MY SWEET HOME and the PLOt (Palestinian Lounge for Open Talks)
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